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About Mama Bar

Amy is a Certified Nutritionist with three kids and Aarthy is a busy on-the-go mom with two kids.

Mama Bar was created by a team of moms including a Certified Nutritionist who specializes in pregnancy and postpartum nutrition. We know these days moms are multitasking more than ever and it can be a challenge to care for yourself when also caring for kids. We developed Mama Bar to be a convenient and satisfying snack that supports the unique nutritional needs of moms. Whether you’re pregnant and wanting to care for your body and your growing baby, or facing the demands of life with a newborn, your body needs nutrients and calories in a way it never has before.


Each Mama Bar:

  • Provides a boost of essential nutrients, including iron, magnesium and zinc, to support increased nutritional needs during pregnancy and postpartum
  • Is made from whole food, recognizable ingredients
  • Contains 10 grams of protein to keep you going
  • Is gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free and GMO free
  • Is crafted with thoughtfully selected ingredients known to support lactation

Modern motherhood is busy. We want every Mom to have the time, energy, and support to enjoy balanced, mindful, meals and snacks. But as busy mamas with five kids between the two of us, we know that’s not the reality – that’s why we made Mama Bar. Moms are busy. Moms are hungry. Moms need support.

We made Mama Bar to help support other moms.