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Simplifying Nutrition During Pregnancy: Tips for Healthy Eating Without Stress

One of the most annoying side effects of pregnancy? The overwhelming amount of (often unsolicited, not to mention inaccurate) advice about what you should and shouldn’t eat while you’re pregnant. This unhelpful guidance can come from a well-meaning relative or friend, an article you read online, or even a complete stranger, and can range from a subtly shaming comment about not eating brie to being refused service in an ice cream shop for ordering coffee gelato (true story!). While your ob-gyn or healthcare provider may provide some broad guidance about what foods to avoid during pregnancy, in my experience it’s inadequate to help women make healthy choices and still get sufficient nutrients that support them through pregnancy.  In my practice...

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Healthy eating after pregnancy: what’s important and how to plan

For a lot of moms, finding a way to eat healthfully after having a baby can be challenging and stressful, if not a complete afterthought. Preparing meals for yourself between feeding your baby, changing diapers, and unpredictable sleeping can feel like a herculean task. When you pile on the cultural pressures to return to a pre-baby body overnight, many moms feel overwhelmed, ill-equipped, and inadequate. This outdated and unrealistic expectation is not only unhelpful, but, in my experience as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Certified Nutritionist who works with perinatal women, can also be harmful. That’s why when working with pregnant women, I help them create a realistic postpartum plan that supports their transition to motherhood.   Those first few...

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